Why are we moving?
We have the opportunity to secure a permanent facility, with a 10yr lease agreement. In addition, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with Flowing Wells Assembly of God church in creating unique outreach opportunities to advancing God’s Kingdom in Tucson. We are better together!

Are we merging with another church?
We are not merging our ministry with another church. We are sharing facilities with Flowing Wells Assembly of God church but together we will continue operating as separate entities.

When are we moving?
Our official launch is Saturday, June 11th @ 6pm.

What’s our New Address?
3198 N. Flowing Wells Rd. 85705

What are the day and time of services?
We are moving our weekend service to Saturday evenings at 6pm. We are excited about this opportunity to experience a unique worship schedule, with the heart of reaching more people for Jesus.

We are not saying that we will never offer a Sunday schedule in future but for this time Saturday evenings @ 6pm is our primary focus.

• Saturdays @ 6PM
• First Wednesday of every month @ 7PM
• Corporate Prayer First Saturday of every month @ 9am
• Growth Track – Saturday’s @ 4:45pm

What will the Saturday service be like?
Our Saturday service will be a full worship experience, not abbreviated in any way, and all of our ministries will be in full operation. Come as you are, dressy, casual, it doesn’t matter, just come!

What happen to Flowing Wells High School?
We have enjoyed a great relationship with the Flowing Wells High School/Flowing Wells School District. In fact the entire staff was sadden by our decision to relocate our services. We have an open door to the School/District and it is our intent to continue serving the Flowing Wells Community.

What happen to Property on Cortaro Farms Rd?
We currently own the property on Cortaro Farms Rd. However, the property is up for sale and we are anticipating the property to be sold this year.