Exciting Women’s Ministry Events coming forth!!!

Are you ready… are you ready?  It’s springtime, and the women’s ministry of TCI is in full bloom!  What should you expect?  You should expect to leave these ministry times lifted, inspired, encouraged and transformed by the presence and power of God!  You should also expect healing, renewal, and restorations, as you enjoy “sweet fellowship” with your fellow sisters in Christ!  Truly, we are better together, and when women come together on one-accord… awesome things happen!


Plan to attend our first Annual Mother’s Day Brunch.  Our theme for this special day will be, “A Celebration of Sisterhood.” At this event we will share in a day of elegance, beauty, and celebration of Sister to sister relationships!  Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, so were asking each guest to pull out your finest hat, dress, and high (or semi-high) heels and gloves if you like and attend this one of a kind event with your favorite sister friend, mother, or a brand new friendship with any woman you would like to share the day with!  We will feast on God’s word with our very own Pat Ashley from Los Angeles, California, and enjoy many other special surprises!

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