Worship Arts is one of the ways we declare honor and worth to our Creator. From awesome music to interpretive dance, our hope is to engage the congregation in an experience that focuses solely on God. The music is energetic, passion and upbeat. The dancers are skillful with the desire to be “living words” of each song sung demonstrating another form of worship and connection.

Worship Team
The worship team desires to see the glory of God manifested as a result of Worship offered unto Him; and to perpetually and progressively prepare ourselves, spiritually, musically and technically to lead others into an interactive, life-changing worship experience. The team consistently provides music that offers strong, focused and passionate praise and worship to God that is anointed by the Holy Spirit, and that transcends our natural perspective.

Freedom Dancers
The Freedom Dancers are message carriers of the Word of God, ushering in the presence of God in an unprecedented measure releasing Freedom and setting the captives free with and through prophetic movements. They breathe life into dry places and pray that their ministry influences people to turn their hearts back to the Father.

Worship is not entertainment… we are suppose to enter-in. Entertainment does not allow you to enter-in, it only allows you to stand at the gate and watch.