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Check out stories from others who committed Random Acts of Kindness…


Across the street from me a single mother has a small son, and she works M-F. Because of all the rain her yard was growing weeds like crazy. I waited until she left for work and then took care of the weeds in her yard. I left the RAK card on her door. I hope it inspires her to bring her son to church.



I was at Fry’s Market yesterday, there was a young man asking for money for the Teen Challenge Org.  I gave him $6.00 and also gave he and his friend a RAK card.  I invited him to TCI.  he said he was going to come to church and give his testimony.  I pray he will keep his word.



I work as a server at a restaurant, so today I decided that I was going to pay for someone’s meal. Toward the end of the night, a young man brought his little brother in for dinner. When he asked me for the bill, I told him that it was covered and gave him the card. It was really awesome to see how appreciative he was!



This morning I was able to serve random acts of kindness to several students on the UA campus. When I arrived it was raining really hard and I noticed a girl walking and talking on her phone. I walked up and placed the umbrella over her and gave her the card. She got off her phone and we walked and talked to her destination the rest of the way. Half way to my class I did the same for another girl who had been drenched from walking from the bus station. And then the last were two girls I gave my umbrella to and I walked with them all the way to their class which was past my class. We both arrived to class on time and I was happy to meet some new students and be a blessing to the few I served.



Random Acts of Kindness are in effect! This morning I was at McDonald’s (buying oatmeal I might add) and I intended to pay for the order for the car behind me as my RAK. Before I could get the total the person had already paid for their items at a different window. Instead of pulling off, I stopped to hand them the RAK card and told them my intentions. The woman in the car said, “You know what, my son was reading the sticker on the back of your car and said, ‘mommy, I want to go to church'”. I told her the church was kind of far, on the North side…she replied that was okay because her sister lived in that area.

Join me in praying for Shay and the seed that was deposited with the RAK being the catalyst. Let’s believe to see her at TCI on Sunday!



First, let me start out by saying that, I didn’t know anything about the RAK, so my story happened about maybe a month ago. My 80 year old neighborhood had fallen outside, while trying to place his plants out, so that they could get some rain water, it was sprinkling at the time. I saw my daughter pull up and I also noticed that there were 2 young men, standing by their truck, which was parked, two spaces from my parking spot. Then all of a sudden, I heard my granddaughter saying, “grammy, Mom need your help”! So, without hesitation, I just ran outside, in my socks, cause I thought maybe the 2 young men, were bothering my daughter. I saw my daughter, on the phone at the neighbor’s house (she was calling 911) and the 2 men were helping him up. He had fallen and scraped his arm really bad. Blood was flowing every where. Once my daughter got off the phone, I asked her to go get my gloves from the house and my shoes, cause by now it was raining hard. Once I got my gloves, I could properly take care of his wounds, until the paramedics came. I knew about first aid because I had to take a class for that and a cpr class. I’m a caregiver for my mom, so I knew what I needed to do. I didn’t have time to be scared to do it, I just needed to do it. So, once I was able to clean some of the blood away, I knew he was going to need more medical care. I applied cool, wet papertowels on his wound and applied pressure. Once the paramedics arrived, I stepped back and allowed them to take over. I was glad that I knew a little to atleast help him, until professional help arrived. He wanted me to stay until the paramedics left, so I did. Several days later, I went to check on him and he told me that he has to go to his doctor once a week for wound care and that he was very careful for my daughter and I helping him. He did a “RAK” for us by ordering us a pizza and paying for it. He’s doing really good now and his wound has healed.