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Vern Grabow

What place would you like to visit before you die…and why?
Return to Turkey; because of the Biblical history, would like to follow Paul’s journeys

What’s on your reading list?
Every book I can possibly read

What famous person do people tell you that you look like?
Ben Bernake

Favorite food?
Taco salad

What was your childhood ambition?
Work around cattle

What’s your favorite TV series?
Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers

Your most recent purchase?
My scooter.

When did you first come to TCI?

What book has changed you the most?
The Greatest Secret

What’s your dream car…and why?
Ford F-350; need it to pull our “retirement” 5th wheel

Favorite season? Why?
In AZ-winter; before AZ-fall; temperature is “tolerable”

What’s one of your proudest moments?
Birth of my daughters

What’s your biggest challenge?
Overcoming doubt, not letting circumstances be my reality

What inspires you?
TCI family and weekly teachings

If you had no limits, what would be your dream vacation?
Cruise around the world

Favorite Flavor of ice cream?

Your first job?
Paper route

What’s one book that has impacted you?
The Greatest Secret

Why did you first come to TCI? Why Did you Stay?
My wife asked me; I could feel the presence of God

What would you say you do here? What is your role at TCI?
Whatever I can to support/expand the Kingdom; currently Finance activities

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